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Dublin Federation
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Dublin Federation

Dublin Federation was founded in October 1947 in conjunction with Wicklow. The merger of five Dublin Guilds and two from County Wicklow continued until 1951 when Wicklow left. In 1952 we incorporated two Guilds from Kildare and increased our Guilds to 18.

Dublin Federation is one of the oldest in the country and its colourful history is well documented. Over the years we were involved in matters relating to pollution, the high costs of school books, protested about city rates. This all happened in the1960’s and these issues are just as relevant to-day.

We studied the outcome of the research on the status of women and concerned ourselves with the “Safety for Women”. We have been involved in every stratum of issues that impacted on family life in those years when there were no government agencies policing these. Dublin members have been represented on a number of national committees.

If you are interested in joining a Guild or indeed setting up your own Guild please contact our Federation Secretary.

Our members are engaged in a wide range of activities which include every craft you could mention Choir, set dancing, cookery, baking, writing (short story) etc.

Members also participate in community development work and community based activities such as meals on wheels, volunteering in Citizens Information Centres and Mabs, organizing senior citizens activities and representing their areas on local council committees.

Dublin Federation is proud to have 12 fully qualified ICA Craft Teachers.