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Joining the ICA
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Joining the ICA

When you join the ICA you join a local Guild

Our Guilds range in size from a handful to 120 plus members. The beauty of the Guild format is that each Guild is autonomous, taking part in activities which interest their members. Each Guild holds meetings usually on a monthly basis, but some Guilds have additional craft classes and meet weekly. So when women enquire about joining us we always talk to them about their interests and endeavour to match them to a Guild which participates in the activities which interest them. If the first Guild you try is not for you, we are confident that we can introduce you to a Guild which will be perfect for you.

Each Guild is a part of a county committee which we call Federations

The Federation Committees also hold meetings up to 5 times a year including an AGM. Federation meetings are an opportunity for members of local Guilds to meet each other and exchange views and share information as well as take part in Federation initiatives and competitions. Members of Federation committees are often involved in other local county initiatives and often sit on focus groups in County Council sub-committees and other community groups active in that county.

Setting up a New Guild:

If you have a group of friends (minimum of 7 members) and together you would like to set up a new Guild it is a very easy process. We welcome the setting up of new Guilds and your Federation President is on hand to help you out. She will meet with you and help you to reach out to others in your community regarding membership. She will give you advice on ICA Public Liability Insurance, holding your first meeting, setting up a bank account and keeping records and minutes. As each Guild is autonomous you can set about engaging in the activities which best suit you. Once you have paid your fees, you will be given a Membership Number and card. This number will give you access to the private Member’s Area of this website where you can access many Guild and Federation documents and the Member Benefit list of companies that offer exclusive benefits to ICA members.

Joining an ICA guild is easy – you can contact us here or ring our office at 01 6680002. We’ll ask you for you name, address, phone number and some of your interests so we can match you to a guild that shares your interests.

If you try out the guild we’ve set you up with and you’re not sure it’s the right fit, let us know. We’ll work with you to find a guild you’ll enjoy!

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