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Galway Federation
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Galway Federation

ICA came to Co. Galway in the late1940’s even though one if the earliest Presidents of the organization was the Countess of Fingall, formerly Daisy Burke of Danesfort House in Moycullen, Co. Galway. The first Guild in the county was set up in Cleggan by a Miss Mary Browne whose family owned Rossleague House. Miss Browne who was an Oxford graduate, taught in South Africa and England for many years. After she returned to Rossleague House to care for her mother she founded the Cleggan Guild.

Other Guilds followed and in 1949 the Galway County Federation was formed with the nine existing Guilds. The first president of the Galway Federation was Mrs. Dinan who was a member of the Galway Town Association.

The first ICA Summer School was held in the Grammer School, College Rd. in 1949.

If you are interested in joining or setting up a Guild in Galway City or County, please contact us.

Federation meets at least 4 times a year in a Central Venue with our summer meeting hosted by local Guilds in rotation. The size of our county makes our Federation meetings a very important forum for members meeting to exchange ideas and to create friendships.

The Guilds meet once a month and more frequently to attend courses or enjoy competitions or craft nights.

Guilds have a huge range of activities which include arts, crafts, self-development, education, sports, community development, book clubs as well as social events