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English Quilting
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English Quilting

The ICA has a long history of producing high quality goods at home and then selling them in local farmers or country markets. The ICA was responsible for setting up the Country Shop in St Stephen’s Green where members from around the country could sell their home-made clothes, cloth, produce and other items. 

This legacy continues with our Craft Classes. The most recent one was held on Tuesday 10th May 2022, in Central Office. ICA Tutor Mary O’Gorman led the group through the learnings of the English Quilting technique. 

English Quilting is ‘a technique whereby the whole article is padded, and the design outlined in small running stitches, taken through three layers of material. It is important that each stitch is made in two separate movements, downwards and upwards and through all the layers of material. This form of quilting can be used for any item where padding of some form is used, either for decoration or as a means of providing warmth, or indeed both. It has been used for garments such as dressing-gowns, jackets and petticoats, as well as soft furnishings such as bed covers, cushions and tea-cosies.’ (Source: Textile Research Centre, 

Check out ICA Tutor Mary O’Gorman’s s video below, where she introduces this beautiful technique. Many thanks to Mary for sharing your knowledge and expertise.  

The next Craft Class on candlewick embroidery is full but keep an eye out for our next classes returnign in September!