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Aid-drive for Ukraine via iDonate
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Aid-drive for Ukraine via iDonate

The Ukrainian crisis is prompting an inspiring display of solidarity and charity both here in Ireland and across the globe.

The ICA stands in solidarity with all those effected by this senseless war.

The ICA is particularly conscious of the impact on the most vulnerable in our society, women, children and the elderly, who are unwilling victims of the current situation and require our immediate action and support.

We recently heard of the work being done by ICA across Ireland and this shows that when we come together, we can provide support even in the most desperate circumstances.

Together we can help, which is why the ICA has set up a Ukraine aid-drive to support the targeted response to the crisis.

The initial funding target is 50, 000 euro by AGM 2022.

The ICA is using iDonate which is an online fundraising platform for charities and non-profit organisations in Ireland.

All proceeds will go to support tangible actions of help, driven by ICA members.

Check the website for updates on the support services provided.

If you can help, please click on the link below where everyone will be able to donate and fundraise in supporting this important aid-drive for Ukraine.

ICA Aid-drive for Ukraine