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Lavinia Fontana – Summer exhibition
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Lavinia Fontana – Summer exhibition

🎨Lavinia Fontana, the first female artist who achieved professional success, new exhibition at the National Gallery of Ireland!

Who was Lavinia Fontana
Late sixteenth-century Bolognese artist Fontana is widely considered to be the first woman artist to achieve professional success beyond the confines of a court or a convent. Fontana was the first woman to manage her own workshop, and the first woman to paint public altarpieces and female nudes. She maintained an active career, painting for many illustrious patrons, while also taking on the role of wife and mother. Exploring Fontana’s extraordinary life through her paintings and drawings, the exhibition will offer insight into the cultural climate that enabled her to flourish as a female artist of the period.

🎨About the exhibition
Tickets for the forthcoming summer exhibition: Lavinia Fontana: Trailblazer, Rule Breaker are now on sale! Make sure you book your rickets online for a 10% discount and groups rate.

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