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Press Release
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Press Release

The Irish Countrywomen’s Association joins many other organisations around the country in welcoming the recent decision by AIB to scrap its plans to remove cash from 70 of its branches.

Many ICA members expressed concern about the severe impact AIB proposal would have had to rural communities across Ireland, impacting particularly on the older age groups and most vulnerable of our society.  The decision to scrap the plan is welcomed by rural and urban ICA members alike as AIB recognises that their vulnerable and non-digitally literate customers deserve as much support as others. Rural areas in particular have already suffered substantial reduction of services and the impact at local level could not be afforded. The concern was even more acute due to the recent withdrawal of other banking entities from Ireland.

Many members deal only in cash, their economy is valid and needs to be supported. The long queue witnessed in the banking sector are a clear example of this need.

Speaking of the issue, Ms Hilda Roche, National President said: ‘The ICA and its members across Ireland are relieved to hear AIB has revised their decision. Many members have been AIB consumers all their lives and it is important that AIB acknowledges the social responsibilities it owes to the communities it serves”