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Staying in touch: We want to hear from you!
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Staying in touch: We want to hear from you!

A couple of ways of staying in touch during Covid 19:

  1. Writing competition: What is your favourite memory in ICA?

We want to hear from you.

To get us through these challenging times, we are launching a competition to run for the next few months and we want to hear from you.

Many of you have been in ICA for more years than you care to remember but some of you are just new to ICA.

Either way, the competition is to write 200 words of your favourite memory during your time as a member of the ICA.

A great day out? A challenging competition? A new friendship?

When you have written it send it in to and we will upload them to Facebook every week, then in a few months’ time we will choose the winning entry. A prize will be given for the best three entries.

  • Short Films

Another way we want to stay in touch is via short films taken on your smart phone. Can you bake a cake? Draw or paint a picture, or sew something small. We invite members to make some short videos (only a couple of minutes) on their phones and send them in by email to and we will upload them to facebook and keep everyone in touch