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Cuisle Centre
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Cuisle Centre

Block Road,
Co. Laois


The Cuisle Centre

 Founded in 2004, the Cuisle Centre is a registered charity offereing professional support to people diagnosed with cancer and to their families.

Mission Statement

 “To provide a warm, safe and welcoming environment for people diagnosed with cancer and their families affected by it.”

We encourage anyone affected by a cancer diagnosis to drop into the centre where we provide support alongside your medical treatment.  Our programmes are for every type and stage of cancer, whether you’ve just been diagnosed with cancer or you are facing a recurrence.

The Cuisle Centre is a charity and all our services are free to you.


Learn about your cancer, it’s management, treatment and side effects with our cancer care nurse.

Benefits Advice

A Benefits Advisor will give advice about the financial help you may be entitled to and we will help you to navigate the application process e.g. medical cards etc.

Individual Therapeutic Therapies

Our cancer specialist therapists provide individual therapeutic therapies through Holistic Massage, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Reiki and  Sacro Cranial Therapy.

Group Relaxation Therapy Classes

Group sessions to teach relaxation through Yoga, Art, Thai Chi and Meditation alongside courses helping you to deal with stress.

Art Therapy

Our Art Therapist runs a range of courses looking at living with cancer and learning about the psychological and emotional impact of a cancer diagnosis.  Example, Women with Cancer, Men with Cancer, Caring for someone with Cancer.

Bereavement Group

Workshops are available for both adults and children who have been bereaved by cancer.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Our qualified M.L.D Therapists provide this specialised gentle massage to patients suffering from Lymphoedema, a condition which may result from surgery or Radiotheraphy.

Breast Care

Advice and prosthesis Fitting Services are available.


Available for people diagnosed with Cancer and for family members.


Nutrition workshops about eating well and staying healthy.


Workshops for children and adolescents coping with a cancer diagnosis of a loved one.

Evening Support Group Talks

These talks are held every 6 to 8 weeks.  Information can be found on our website

Monday to Thursday 9am – 5pm
Friday 9am – 4pm