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Oxfam Ireland
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Oxfam Ireland

Oxfam is a world-wide development organization that mobilizes the power of people against poverty.  Oxfam Ireland is one of 17 Oxfam affiliate organisations around the world working together in 92 countries as part of a global network of people and organisations.  We’ve been in Ireland for over 50 years and have 140 staff, 1,000 volunteers and 51 shops throughout the island.

Supporting Long term projects –  support long term development efforts of people affected by chronic poverty.

Responding to Emergencies – Act quickly to save lives when disaster strikes by delivering essentials such as clean water, sanitation, shelter and food

Advocating and Campaigning for Change- Concentrate on Advocacy, education and campaigning to change the policies and practices of public and private organisations that affect lives of the poor.

Oxfam in Ireland

Community engagement- Oxfam is present in communities throughout the Country through our retail network of 51 shops. – Staffed by volunteers.

Advocacy work – Throughout 2013 our Ending Poverty starts with Women campaign engaged positively with the government to encourage Irish Overseas Development Aid to be used to empower women as equal partners in all they do. We are committed to working on programmes that empower women as leaders, farmers, decision-makers etc.

Campaigning for Change- Engaged music festival goers with our Ending Poverty Starts with Women campaign to sign up to call for Irish Aid to increase funding to women’s organisations worldwide.

Austerity Event:  Calling on the Government to adopt alternatives to austerity only policies. We are continually building alliances with domestic agencies. One of our guest panellists included the Director of the National Women’s Council of Ireland.

Oxfam is always looking for innovative ways to generate new income for our humanitarian responses, long-term development work and advocacy and campaigning.

Save money and the environment with Oxfam’s Born Again range of refurbished computers – prices starting from €120 for a desktop and €180 for a laptop.

Available online and in selected Oxfam shops

Each computer has been restored, tested and supplied with the Microsoft 7 Home Premium operating system and applications including Open Office and Adobe PDF Viewer.

Each laptop and desktop comes with a six-month warranty.

Divided into three spec/usage categories:

Surfer desktop (€120) and laptop (€180) is perfect for general use

Plus (desktops €180 at and laptops at €240) ideal for students and families looking for even faster computers with more storage

Pro desktops at €240 and laptops at €290 ideal for more complex programs

Oxfam are now selling refurbished computers called “Born Again” laptops and desktops. ICA is promoting this initiative as the computers are

They are excellent quality,

They sell for a fraction of the price

They are environmentally friendly

They’re helping to end Poverty

Oxfam currently sell Plus Range of laptops in their shops & online for €240 and it is great computer for accessing the internet and watching movies and also ideal for families.

Oxfam don’t sell specific make or models to order, but members can be assured that the brand and quality of the computer will be of the highest quality – among the brands we sell are Dell, Hewlett Packard and Toshiba.

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